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2018 Guide to Complementary Feeding for the Journal of Health Visiting


Gut Food to Improve your Mood: UKTV Good Food.


Priya talks live on BBC Radio Solent about gut health. January 2018.


Article on IBS and the Microbiome – July 2017 Issue 126 fermented foods IBS and microbiome

Article on Juices and Plant Waters – April 2017 Issue 123 juices and smoothies


Article on Coconut Products – March 2017 NHD EXTRA Issue 122

Article by Priya on Alcohol for Dry January

Priya talks about the DASH diet – Jan 2017

Priya talks about detox diets.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 20.24.08Priya quoted in Coach Magazine on Sugar Addiction and Reducing Sugar, April 2016

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 20.23.52


Priya comments on Red Meat for the Daily Mail, November 2015

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 22.31.35


Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 23.23.393 easy way to get your daily Vitamin D

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Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 14.22.39

 Priya comments on the health benefits of whole grains, March 2015



Priya comments on research about how eating cooled rice can lead to less calories being absorbed

March 2015


Huffington Post

Quoted talking about Joanna Lumley’s diet, February 2015


PT Magazine

The Raw Food Diet – Priya quoted in the November 2014 issue.

Raw Diet PT Magazine Nov 14


Priya gives a Hospital Food Commentary Scottish Mail – October 22nd 2014.


Glamour Magazine

                                                                                                 “5 minutes with Priya Tew”


Closer Magazine 

                                                                               “The only diet rules you’ll ever need in May 2014”


 Huffington Post

                                                             “Everything you need to know about the Mediterranean Diet…”


Vegan Diets in the Daily Mail

“Priya is quoted in the Daily Mail on vegan diets on 10th Sept 2013″


Priya comments for the Daily Telegraph

“Can you have your cake and eat it?” Priya comments on the Dukan Diet 6th May 2013, read it here.


Priya talks on BBC Radio Solent

Listen to Priya on the Katie Martin Show: 9th January 2013 talking about fizzy drinks, diets and giving top tips on eating well.

Priya Tew on BBC Radio Solent 090113


Priya is quoted as Media Spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association – January 2013


Priya Talks on BBC Radio Solent

Listen to Priya talking on BBC Radio Solent to Alina Jenkins in October 2012.

Radio Solent Interview Oct 12


Dietetics Today Magazine

Priya’s Article on Breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding Article in Dietetics Today Aug 2012


Priya quoted in the Guardian, in July 2012 about Fertility and Diet: see 4th page, right hand column.

Read Priya’s comments on Victoria Beckham’s face – 17th February 2012 :

The personality diet: Knowing your weaknesses is key to weight loss, says neuroscientist – 29th August 2011

Dietician Priya Tew added: ‘People could read this book and say: “It’s my personality. That’s why I’m not losing weight.” My concern is it could be used as an excuse.’

Read more 

Sweets are ‘good for children and may stop them from getting fat in later life’
– 1st July 2011

Southampton-based dietitian Priya Tew said that children who were given treats by their parents learned lessons that stood them in good stead later in life.

‘It could be that children get used to treats but learn to have smaller portions and not have them every day,’ she said, adding: ‘I’d be interested to see how much exercise the children in the study carried out because it might be that the children who eat the most sweets run around the most.’

Read more

Nursery World
22 April 2010Nursery World

20 Jan 2009Daily Express Article

Health-conscious Britons eat foods they hate – 20 Jan 2009

Nutritionist Priya Tew said: “We are all aware that some foods are better for us than others but I’m astonished at the amount of people forcing themselves to eat food they don’t like, especially when it doesn’t have to be this way.

“With a little bit of research you can usually find an alternative food to provide the nutrients you need – for example, beef or dried apricots are a great source of iron instead of forcing yourself to eat spinach.

“And if oily fish isn’t a favourite food, flax seed or walnuts are a good alternative.

“You can even sneak some foods in you’d like to eat for their health benefits but don’t like the taste of without realising it – for example, spaghetti Bolognaise makes a great cover for carrots and celery.”

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Priya is sceptical about miracle mushrooms – TRAIL, August 2008

TRAIL - Mushrooms

Priya discusses the wonder of Jaffa Cakes! – TRAIL, December 2007

TRAIL - Jaffa Cakes






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