Picnic Food, wheat and gluten free.

Picnics, they can be amazing and they can be awful. Good location, company and food are essential, and to me having food that is easy to eat and easy to prepare is the key. My toddler is a complete outdoors girl so picnics have become a must. Here are some of my top tips and food ideas that don’t include sandwiches:

Picnic Tips:

  • Have a specific picnic bag. We have an insulated one that keeps the food cool with a seperate section for plates, cutlery, cups, serviettes, an empty carrier bag for the rubbish and the all essential corkscrew 😉 Keeping it all together makes it easier for those picnic moments, no more rushing around to find plastic plates.
  • Remember to plan the drinks: if it’s cold then go for ice in the drinks, don’t forget a flask of tea/coffee too.
  • Picnic blankets can make or break an occasion for me…. I’m not a fan of sitting on my coat.
  • If you have young ones a beach shelter can be good for a bit of shade.
  • Take some bits to amuse small children – bats/balls then you may get some peace! Mine loves a large space to just run in.

Dietitian UK: Outdoor Fun

Picnic Food:

  1. Hummous with raw vegetables, an absolute must, try raw carrots, peppers, cucumber and celery. Don’t forget you can make your own.
  2. Frittata packed with your favourite veggies, make it ahead of time, slice it up and it’s good to go.
  3. Quiche, an old 70’s favourite… try my gluten free version here.
  4. Salads: quinoa, rice, potato for the carbohydrate part of the meal.
  5. Cold homemade pizza.
  6. Cheese and crackers.
  7. Mixed salad for the colour and veggie side of things – try grated carrot, sweetcorn, chopped raw mushrooms, broccoli and sugar snap peas along side the usual tomato, lettuce and cucumber.
  8. Fresh fruit salad, we are into melon and grapes right now.
  9. Boiled eggs. Enough said.
  10. And in a rush we just grab Sushi from the shop!

These are just our top favourites, I’d love to hear yours, please comment below and let me know.

2 thoughts on “Picnic Food, wheat and gluten free.”

  1. Maureen MacLaren

    I love egg mayo with grated cheese, black pepper and chopped spring onions, that can used as a dip as well.

    For non vegetarians, a quiche using corned beef instead of pastry as a base is nice cold as well.

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