Priya stars on Embarassing Fat Bodies.

Here I am as the dietitian on Channel 4’s Embarassing Fat Bodies advising Gareth. I absolutely loved doing this and an even bigger bonus was Gareth continued to work with my after the show losing well over 4 stone. He completely changed his diet and activity levels proving simple healthy changes really work.

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  1. Well done Gareth, losing weight is no easy feat but it just goes to show that a lot of dedication and the helping hand of expert advice can go a long way. All the fads and ‘diets’ in the world don’t make up for a sensible and sustainable approach… keep it up!

  2. Hi! As someone who is trying to recover from anorexia, I’m rediscovering food and learning how what you eat can have a big impact on how you feel! So I can definitely appreciate how much better he feels.

    Also I wanted to say thanks so much for all your recipes; they’ve been a great help in allowing me to rediscover cooking and enjoying food again. I’m nowhere near ‘better’ but I’m slowly gaining weight. So thank you for all your great recipes!


    1. Hi Hannah, so lovely to hear about your continuing recovery and that you are enjoying my recipes. Thanks for letting me know, if you need any extra help you know where I am 🙂

      1. That’d be so great – it’s just so good to know that it’s possible. Do you know other people who have recovered? Do you work a lot with eating disorders? I’m doing the blog every day in may thing (it’s a twitter thing I think, #BEDM) and today’s topic for everyone is your five favourite blogs! Obviously yours is on there 🙂

      2. Hi Hannah, yes I am a specialist in eating disorders and so work a lot in this field (I was in the NHS but now am freelance doing this) and have certainly worked with lots of people who have recovered. It is possible and you can do it! If you want to know more about a consultation my email is [email protected].
        Thanks so much for putting me on your top 5 blogs, that’s amazing 🙂 I’m touched and flattered.

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