Semi-Finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year Venus Award, Southampton

I’m delighted to say that I’ve been selected by Natwest as a semi-finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year. This literally blew me away! There were 131 ladies nominated and there are just 5 semi-finalists, so I feel very honoured.




I’ve been interviewed by some lovely ladies from Natwest and I found this quite emotional. Going through why I went freelance, why I am doing what I doing, what I do and then all my dreams, ideas for the future and what drives me… it really brought my passion out and was useful in itself. It also reminded me  of all the things I have left to work on 😉

I am so hoping I shall make it through to the final 3, this means a night out at the Awards ceremony and there the finalist will be announced!

Wish me luck 😉

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