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Pukka Tea is Pukka

 I’m slowly being converted to herbal teas. Slowly. I’m still quite skeptical having had those experiences where they sound amazing, smell amazing and taste like a soggy dishcloth, so very disappointing. Do you know what I mean? However I also know that drinking too much caffeine is not a good thing. The research suggests that 4-5 cups a day is your limit. So I keep trying herbal and fruit teas to find alternatives.

 These teas from Pukka arrived, they looked amazing. The packaging of these teas is beautiful and appealing. However I was as usual a bit dubious because both the teas I was sent have lavender in. Now lavender is not something I would normally want in a tea, in a heat pack yes, but not a tea. It can be overpowering and I’m really not a floral person. So I really wasn’t expected to like these two teas. 

 I was sent…

 Dietitian UK: Pukka Tea Review

Somehow the taste of these 2 teas really appealed to me. They carry the vibe of being a sophisticated tea that is easy to drink and pleasing to the palate. The lavender is very subtle. Phew. The nigthtime blend was my favourite. I can’t pass comment on whether it helps me sleep as I have a teething toddler who likes to keep me awake half the night so I fall asleep quite easily 😉

 Thankyou Pukka, I’m a fan.

Disclaimer: I was sent these teas to review free of charge, no money was paid to me and all views are my own.