Travelling with Toddlers

This Christmas we were treated by my grandparents to a holiday in Marrakech, originally a holiday for 15 of us, only 13 ended up making it there as my grandparents who had planned it all were too ill to come 🙁 It made for a different Christmas tinged with sadness in the sun.

Celebrating Christmas abroad and in the sun isn’t that new to us as we lived abroad for a few years, if I’m honest I’m not a huge fan of it. I miss all the English traditions – the decorations, the festive food, the cold Christmas weather, the films, the chocolates, my church, mulled wine…you know what I mean. Somehow for me Christmas is more like Christmas in the UK. Not that I’m complaining…..really!


Dietitian UK: Flying into Marrakech
Dietitian UK: Flying into Marrakech

Travelling with a toddler means thinking things through in a whole different way, especially when staying in a hotel. We’ve been fortunate enough to take our now 2 year old to Brussels, Sri-Lanka and now Morocco already so she is a seasoned traveller;)  Here are my top tips for toddler travel:

1. If dinner time is late then plan in naps and take snacks.

2. Always travel everywhere with snacks, my top ones this holiday are freeze dried fruit, bread sticks, rice cakes, raisins.

3. Find out if your hotel has a mini bar fridge, then stock it up! Ours has cheese, yoghurts, milk and … Baileys 😉

4. We usually use washable nappies, I’m so pleased we brought disposables for this holiday.

5. Take washing powder and be prepared to hand wash a few items.

6. Pack little treats that you can given out when needed – crayons, notepads, pots of playdoh etc…

7. Ask on the plane for a goody bag, my small one loves unwrapping it all.

8. If you have a tablet/ipod/equivalent load it up with games, puzzles and music. Invaluable.

9. Take a favourite toy to help them settle in.

10. Embrace the toddler fun, try to see things on their level so it’s fun for all.

Anyone got anymore tips?

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  1. Maureen MacLaren

    When travelling with little ones, have a drink or sweetie ready for take off and landing so that they can suck Nd release the pressure in their rears, it can be painful for little ones, they don’t always understand how to voluntarily swallow.

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