Nourish to Flourish: Your Guide to Eating Disorder Recovery book

Your Nourish to Flourish Workbook for £9.99

Are you tired of feeling trapped in the vicious cycle of disordered eating? Has your eating disorder taken over your thoughts and life? Are you ready to reclaim your life and build a healthy relationship with food? 

The Nourish to Flourish : Eating Disorder Workbook, is here to guide you on your journey to food freedom.

Note: This is not a replacement for therapy or eating disorder treatment but a workbook you can use alongside this.

What You’ll Gain

Expert Dietitian Advice:

Benefit from Priya’s expertise so you can get working on recovery NOW and work on getting back to enjoying seeing friends, enjoying food and enjoying life.

Practical Strategies:

Discover actionable steps to help you find your motivation to recovery, work out what foods to challenge, manage triggers, and develop a healthier relationship with your body.

Nutritional Guidance:

Learn how to nourish your body and feel safe eating all foods, without falling into restrictive patterns or a binge/purge cycle.

Mind-Body Connection:

Explore the importance of the mind-body connection and how to build a positive mindset toward food and your body. So you can feel less overwhelmed when you wake up each day.

Reclaim Your Life

Nourish to Flourish isn’t just about recovering from an eating disorder; it’s about rediscovering joy, self-love, and the freedom to live your life without the constraints of disordered eating. You deserve a life filled with freedom, and this booklet is to help you on your way to that brighter future.

Imagine waking up with a clear mindset on why your want to recover and having a plan as to how you will do that today. Being able to plan in social fun times without fear of the food and knowing the meals and snacks you are eating are right for you right now.

Think how it will be like to be able to pop out for a last minute meal or grab a snack from the shop with no worries in your mind and no guilt afterwards.

Look forward to life free of food thoughts and body image concerns. Freeing up space to think about other things that you really want to do in life.


Don’t let your eating disorder define you. Take the first step towards a healthier, happier you with “Nourish to Flourish: Your Guide to Eating Disorder Recovery.”

© Millie Pilkington 
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