Hi, I’m Priya, the eating disorder dietitian who wants to help you heal your relationship with food.

I’m an award winning, eating disorder dietitian and nutritionist. So I’m fully qualified with a degree in Nutritional Sciences and a Masters in Dietetics. Registered with the Health Professions Council and the British Dietetic Association. Which means you can be sure you are in safe hands. However more than that, I really care and want to help you.

After working in the hospitals in the NHS, I side stepped to eating disorders and found my true passion. Helping people through recovery. I’ve run out patient clinics, worked in private hospitals with in-patients and have done a lot of meal support! Now I work in private practice and with other clinics, helping people like you. So you can see I really understand the whole process of recovery.

My Story with Food

I wasn’t always and eating disorder dietitian. I grew up surrounded by diet talk in a world of low fat, eat less and exercise more. 

This was the era when everyones mum was on a diet, a different diet each week. Think Rosemary Conley, Jane Fonda workouts and Cabbage soup diets. I have memories of Mum and I being outside in the garden one summer, under the trees in my extra long tee-shirt and leggings,  following exercise plans, eating low fat yoghurt, cottage cheese on Ryvita and trying to make diet foods taste good.

It wasn’t my mum’s fault, it was the era, It was just what you did as an adult when your body didn’t reflect the ideal portrayed in Cosmo.

So it’s no wonder that as a teen I struggled with my own body image and eating. I took to skipping breakfast and only eating salad for lunch in an effort to reduce my calories and slim down to the waif like, Kate Moss, heroin chic look of the 1990’s.

It didn’t go well….

The food guilt was real for me. Diet culture taught me to eat low-fat and diet foods, so I felt guilty whenever I ate crisps, chocolate, or ice-cream and was frequently hungry. I recall trying to survive on a smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch, and a cooked dinner one summer, but I was so famished that I ended up sneaking in chocolate bars.

This means I have experience and empathy….

Fortunately, I didn’t go on to develop an eating disorder but my eating was certainly disordered and I could easily have slipped down that rabbit hole. Reflecting back now, I’m so grateful that I managed to cope… Many of my clients haven’t been so lucky but having had this experience I have some understanding and empathy.

So you can see why I’ve been drawn to doing the work I LOVE!

Consultations Specialisms

Priya is a specialist in eating disorders and offers intensive, expert support to clients with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder all of disordered eating. She believes in working towards intuitive eating and has a non diet approach.

She specializes in IBS and has received training in the low FODMAP diet, making her one of the dietitians trained in FODMAP by MONASH University. Priya is also the author of The complete low FODMAP Diet Plan.

The Dietitian UK team also specialises in pregnancy nutrition, chronic fatigue, PCOS and support through the menopause with nutrition.  Individual consultations are available in Southampton or via online video calls.

Seeing a Dietitian

Working with Brands

Article writing, project work, media expertise, recipe analysis and more can all be expertly provided. Previous work includes recipes for BBC Food and Good HouseKeeping Magazine.

With an extensive and impressive freelance career Dietitian UK is sure to be able to help you. Priya is a regular contributor to Network Health Digest (NHD) magazine and works with numerous journalists to provide quotes for media articles.

Dietitian UK enjoys working with companies offering innovative ideas, past clients include Glaxo-SmithKline, CCD Health Care, Frylight, Giraffe, BBC, Red Meat Advisory Panel, BFree, BBC Food, Tesco, Yazoo, Precision Biotics, Ceereal and the British Dietetic Association.


Not just an eating disorder dietitian…

Priya is available for  talks and media appearances  and her passionate nature is sure to draw a crowd. She has both on the screen and behind the screen experience. Cooking live at the BBC Food Show was a huge success and highlight. With a wealth of media experience, Priya is known for her down to earth realism and no nonsense nutrition messages. See her in action.

Honoured for her Media Work by the British Dietetic Association, it is clear that Priya has impressive media skills. She is noted for her good radio voice and the way she comes across on the screen. Her ability to translate complex scientific principles into bite size messages makes her a regular contact for journalists. Previous work includes articles for magazines such as Closer, Glamour, Womens Health, Good HouseKeeping, Slim at Home, FitPro and Dietetics Today. and quotes for media use – see the articles section. She is regularly quoted in the press. Her on screen appearances include BBC News, Sky News, Embarassing bodies, Food Truth or Scare and Good Enough to Eat. She is currently the dietitian behind the scenes for BBC1’s Eat Well for Less. Other screen work includes Channel 5 “Inside the Superbrands” and Horizons “The Honest Supermarket”

Media Work

Not just a dietitian!

Priya is also a Pilates teacher running a thriving Pilates studio in Southampton and is mum to a busy family of 6 kids with her husband Joel.  Priya has also worked closely with the English National Ballet and with Olympic athletes  She loves combining her 2 passions of fitness and nutrition and is often found working out in the kitchen creating new recipes or working out in the studio with the children helping out.

Pilates with Priya
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