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Media work is one way that Priya loves to communicate evidenced based messages.

Her on camera roles include:

  • BBC1 Eat Well for Less Series 5 and 6 on screen, 7 and 8 behind the scenes
  • BBC1 Food Truth or Scare Series 1, 2 and 3
  • Channel 5 Diet Secrets: How to lose weight well x 4 episodes
  • Channel 4 : Embarassing Fat Bodies
  • Sky News
  • BBC Breakfast
  • BBC 1 : Sunday Morning Live
  • BBC 1 : Dom Delivers
  • Channel 5 : Are you being Conned
  • Channel 4 : Inside the Superbrands
  • BBC1 : Horizon The Honest Supermarket
  • Channel 4: Dispatches on Veganism

Plus she has a variety of videos on her Vimeo channel and her  You tube channel 

She is happy to work with brands and other companies providing on camera work and media work.

Priya talks about tinned food and iconic baked beans on Inside the Superbrands for Channel 4:

Priya Talks about Milk on Dom Delivers for BBC1 in 2021

Priya talks on BBC1’s Sunday Morning Live about “Should Children go on Diet?” in 2022

Eat Well For Less, BBC

Eat Well For Less, BBC

On Channel 4’s Embarrassing Fat Bodies.

Priya on BBC 1 Food Truth or Scare 2018

Priya stars on BBC1 Food Truth or Scare in 2016

Priya starred in 4 episodes of Channel 5’s Diet Secrets (Jan 2018). Here are some of the key messages she shared.

Priya Talks Shopping from Priya Tew on Vimeo.

Priya Talks Breakfast from Priya Tew on Vimeo.

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