Dietitian UK can help you shine out in the nutrition world. We have previously worked with companies on product development, P.R campaigns, literature reviews, health professional leaflets, menu plans, articles, wellness events, roadshows and more. Our experience in the field of menu planning and redesign is wide ranging having worked with schools, care homes, special needs units, mental health hospitals and the NHS. Dietitian UK prides itself on providing credible, inspired ideas that blend the latest scientific research with the needs of the consumer market.

Dietitian UK can help with:

  • Product Development, providing consumer messages and nutritional expertise
  • Technical nutrition advice on the latest research.
  • Nutrition Training for your staff.
  • Case studies and menu plans to enhance your work.
  • Presentations at conferences.
  • Menu analysis and redesign for your company or school.
  • Wellness Events and Roadshows.

And we are always up for a new challenge, so contact us with your ideas.

“Priya is a much valued official spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association and represents the BDA in the media on a very regular basis.  Furthermore, Priya’s expertise and professionalism is constantly apparent when doing so.  Priya has also supported the BDA in its media work in other ways too.  An example of this is when she supported the BDA when we worked on the BBC programme Operation Hospital Food with James Martin, which involved Priya analysing and reformulating a large amount of recipes, devised by James Martin, in a relatively short amount of time.  Her subsequent work formed the basis of an online resource which the BBC made available to all hospitals in England to use, which ensured patients would receive nutritious and, importantly, delicious meals. “


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