The Flexible Eating Course

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The Flexible Eating Course

The Flexible Eating Course is for you if:

– You have been in a cycle of dieting and want to make lasting change.
– You know your relationship with food needs some TLC.
– You want to change your health behaviours and not just focus on weight.
– You don’t want to restrict your eating but enjoy it.
-You are ready to devote some time to going deeper into why you eat the way you do.
– You do not have an active eating disorder.

The course is delivered as a series of webinars, with downloadable resources. No need to be there live as it is all pre-recorded.

Each webinar lasts around 30 mins but please allow 1-2 hours homework time per week.

The flexible eating course, eat more flexibly for life

If you have always wanted to work on restoring your relationship with food then the Flexible Eating Course is a great place to start. Priya is a specialist dietitian with oodles of experience in the field of disordered eating and eating disorders.

– What to have on your plate and how to plan.
– Busting food rules.
– Finding your hunger signals.
– Ditching diet culture.
– Embracing your body as it is right now.
– Feelings and Food.
– Gratefulness Challenge.
– Simple ways to Meditate.

However if you are currently suffering from an eating disorder this course is not suitable for you, but please seek out 1-1 support or book a 1-1 consultation with Priya instead.


Cost £67

Terms and Conditions:

No refunds will be available after payment is made. The course information will be available on a week to week basis.

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