When did healthy eating become so complicated?

Healthy Eating is meant to be straightforward and a common sense approach to eating. Right? However when you look on Pinterest, blog sites and the internet you are suddenly confronted ...

Men Get Eating Disorders Too

Eating disorders are not something we generally associate with men, there is a huge stigma attached if you do have an eating disorder and it’s not an issue frequently discussed. ...

Priya talks about heart health on Sky News.

The other week I had a lot of fun taking part in a media interview day for a fruit juice  called Sirco. These guys have made a drink that contains ...

Spotlight on Priya

Should I still be eating Bacon and Sausages?

Red meat and processed meat has been in the headlines a lot ...

Lentil and Date Chocolate Brownies. A revelation!

It’s not often I get inspired to make brownies. Don’t get me ...

Chicken and Roasted Vegetable Quinoa (GF, WF)

I recently went to a conference where we were served the most ...

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Orthorexia: when healthy eating is not healthy.

If you read my blog regularly you will know that healthy eating is definitely something that I promote. Sometimes, there can be point where healthy eating goes a step, or several steps too far. Can we be too healthy with our eating?  The rise of healthy eating blogs, clean eating movements and instagram gurus has […]

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Arsenic in Rice: Should we still be eating it?

After a bit of chatter on social media about Arsenic in Rice cakes, my mind was stirred to delve deeper. I’m half Sri-Lankan so my family has always eaten rice. As a child I also lived in Hong Kong, more rice. So th this was a topic that I needed to know more about, here […]

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The low down on Fats. Are saturated fats really the villain?

Recently the world of fat had a shaking up. For 50 years saturated fat has been the bad guy, linked to coronary heart disease. But a systematic review and meta-analysis of the research looked at 32 worldwide cohort studies that reported finding a link between saturated fat (SFA) and coronary heart disease (CHD) and begged […]

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Moroccan Style Slow Cooker Tagine.

I went to Marrakech for Christmas a few years ago. I don’t think we had a bad meal the whole time we were there. Each dish was so wonderfully spiced and fragrant, yet not overpowering. This dish reminds me of that holiday. Oh for some sun, sat on a roof terrace, drinking Moroccan mint tea! […]

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Cocao Power Balls

You know those moments when you have a craving for chocolate? For me it is usually mid afternoon, that lull part of the day. Or just before teaching a class, when I need a pick-me-up and energy boost. So I created these beauties to help me, as I’m kind I thought I would share 😉 […]

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Winter Warmer Healthy Soups

Soup is one of those lunches that keeps me going in the colder, dreary, grey months. I get cold easily, and having a large bowl of warm soup in my belly helps warm me, fill me and I know it’s good for me. A great way to get at least 1 portion of veggies into […]

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Super fast chicken and veggie noodles

  So we’ve discovered a spiraliser. Something I wasn’t planning to jump on the bandwagon about but hey, I was sent one for free to review. My verdict. It’s such a fun gadget, though you can’t spiralise everything 😉 My boy (aged 2) has been in one of those fussy stages. Definitely not a fan […]

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Having an Eating Disorder over Christmas.

I love Christmas and all the build up that goes with it, I’m like a small child with the excitment of it. For me it is special celebration. However through my work in eating disorders I know what a hard time it can be for some.  Christmas brings with it a lot of socialising, which […]

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Banana Oaty Bars

 Mini-Disaster in our house usually means…. there is no flapjack left, we are out of milk, Miss K cannot find a very important item (insert “really not important in the grand scheme of life but a calamity to her”), or a section of the train track has come apart. I quite love the fact that […]

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Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas.

I love Christmas. In fact I love the run up to Christmas, Christmas itself and that bit between Christmas and New Year. The different spices, the recipes, the baking, the sparkle, the crafting, the lights, the gift wrapping, the excited children and the baby Jesus who for us is at the centre of it all. […]

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