Make your own healthy “graze” snack boxes

So snacking, it’s one of those things I definitely do. I tend to eat my 3 meals and at least 2 snacks a day. Which means my snacks need to ...

Priya stars on BBC1’s Food Truth or Scare.

So if you weren’t watching BBC1 on Thurs 25th Feb at 9.15am then where were you?  Oh yes, probably at work or out living life 😉 Well you missed watching ...

When did healthy eating become so complicated?

Healthy Eating is meant to be straightforward and a common sense approach to eating. Right? However when you look on Pinterest, blog sites and the internet you are suddenly confronted ...

Spotlight on Priya

5 tips for recovery from an eating disorder.

1. Make recovery a priority: This may mean taking a break from ...

What you CAN eat in pregnancy.

Pregnancy can feel like a time when you CAN’T do things. The ...

Should I still be eating Bacon and Sausages?

Red meat and processed meat has been in the headlines a lot ...

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Easy Holidays Meals for families

Holidays. In my mind they are meant to be about relaxing, having adventures, exploring new places, lazing around, tryIng new foods, cocktails, having family funtimes, having me-times.  Life with 3 children means they are actually full of early dinners, constant requests for snacks, children struggling to sleep in different beds, packing the whole house to […]

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Blogging for health care professionals

There are so many amazing HCP’s on twitter who I interact with or see around, but not that many are blogging. From a purely selfish perspective I want them to as I know they have such a wealth of knowledge to share and I want to learn from them and read it! Why to Blog? […]

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Nominated for “The Drinks Cellar Food & Drink Blogger Awards 2016”

It is always nice to open up your emails and find you have been nominated for an award! I’m delighted to be on the shortlist for the Drinks cellar food and drink blogger awards 2016.  Over the last month, online retailer The Drinks Cellar and world-renowned winemakers Luc Belaire have been on a relentless search […]

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Childhood Obesity – due to larger portions or eating too frequently?

One of the big connundrums around obesity is whether people put on weight because they: 1. Eat more at each meal/snack (larger portions) so eat more calories or… 2. Eat more frequently, so eat more calories. With levels of childhood obesity rising at an alarming rate, young children is an area we need to focus […]

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Vegetable Beany Bake

I love vegetarian meals and we actually eat more vegetarian meals in our house than meat containing ones. However it is all too easy to get stuck in a rut. I realised that I haven’t used many beans for a while and I have a store of dried ones of all varieties. Partially this is […]

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Review: Goldhill Organics Vegetable Box

Fruit and vegetables is something I am passionate about and something we eat a lot of in our house. In fact I must admit I start to panic when I can see the bottom of the fruit bowl and when the veggie supply is low but there was no plan to go shopping that day […]

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Eating fat does not make you fat?!

“Eating fat does not make you fat,” argues a new repo rt by the National Obesity Forum (NOF) and the Public Health Collaboration, as they demanded a major overhaul of official dietary guidelines.” Sounds confusing? It is. And potentially dangerous as it will lead to no-one knowing what to actually eat. Or people eating a […]

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Priya writes for NHD magazine on teenage eating disorders

Eating disorders is a field I work in a lot. It’s one of my specialisms. So when Network Health Digest magazine asked me to write an article for them on teenage eating disorders it seemed like a good fit. The funny thing is with such a huge topic the issue was what angle to take.  […]

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Courgette and Stilton Pinwheels

These little beauties are something that I always like to have a ready supply of in the freezer. They make an easy lunch and are great to take out and about. We are in that stage where the toddler boy likes to eat lunch early which is usually when we are out and about, so […]

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Kiwi Frozen Yoghurt

This week I had passed to me 14 very ripe kiwi fruit. Too ripe to just eat, but I just can’t see food go to waste. It was a hot day, my small people had already asked for ice-lollies so this was the logical step.  The result is something good. I love that tang you […]

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