Men Get Eating Disorders Too

Eating disorders are not something we generally associate with men, there is a huge stigma attached if you do have an eating disorder and it’s not an issue frequently discussed. ...

Priya talks about heart health on Sky News.

The other week I had a lot of fun taking part in a media interview day for a fruit juice  called Sirco. These guys have made a drink that contains ...

Cocoa-nut Naked Balls

You know those weeks when you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, you are feeling pretty exhausted and craving something chocolately? That’s me right now so today I created ...

Spotlight on Priya

Chicken and Roasted Vegetable Quinoa (GF, WF)

I recently went to a conference where we were served the most ...

Boosting your nutritional intake – the healthy way to weight gain.

I work in the topsy turvy world that is eating disorders. Most ...

Healthy Eating for Anorexia Nervosa

I’ve worked in the field of eating disorders for about 10 years. ...

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When did healthy eating become so complicated?

Healthy Eating is meant to be straightforward and a common sense approach to eating. Right? However when you look on Pinterest, blog sites and the internet you are suddenly confronted with complicated recipes using all kinds of specialist expensive ingredients and equipment – agave, coconut oil, himalyan sea salt, seaweed, the latest berries, spiralizers etc. […]

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Creamed corn and chicken soup and childhood memories.

There are meals that stand out in my childhood memories. Food is such a social occasion that we often link food and special memories. However for me, some of the best food memories I have as a child are of those everyday meals my mum used to make. Now that may be partially because I […]

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Snacking, children and biscuit love.

There are days when I feel like I am running a cafe. My children take it in turns to come to me saying “I’m hungry” or “Can I have a snack” or “Marmite/Biscuit/Cereal Bar”. Occasionally I even get a please 😉 I do wonder how on earth they can eat so much and still want […]

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Crunchy Fish Bake

We’ve been away for a few days and then had a weekend of birthdays which has meant being away from our usual way of eating. Today I had a chance to get back in the kitchen to cook…. I really fancied fish but after a few days away we had a rather bare fridge and […]

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Should I still be eating Bacon and Sausages?

Red meat and processed meat has been in the headlines a lot this week. There is likely to be more to come on this topic too. For those of you not in the know, the WHO released a report saying that processed meat is linked to an increased risk of colorectal cancer. This has been […]

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Why dietitian’s need to be blogging. The basics.

When I started blogging I had no real idea what I was doing or why I was doing it. I was dabbling and seeing what happened. I had a few friends who were blogging and told me I needed to get on it. So I listened and over the years I have learnt a lot. […]

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Lentil and Date Chocolate Brownies. A revelation!

It’s not often I get inspired to make brownies. Don’t get me wrong, I love a brownie, but they generally aren’t the healthiest thing you can bake and once you make a batch you have to eat them, right? So it’s usually flapjack in my cake tin. However this week Miss K brought home a […]

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Nutrition gone crazy?

Sugar. Saturated fat. Salt.     Eye catching nutrients that have been in the media spotlight recently. All of which has caused great confusion for pretty much everyone.  I completely agree that people need to be educated about nutrition. Science needs to be shared. However what I’ve seen is a media frenzy and the wrong […]

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Homemade “healthier” raw chocolate

I went on a conference a whilst ago and was served the most amazing RAW chocolate. It completely intrigued me so I of course asked for the recipe and then promptly filed it away for a later inspired moment. That moment came when I wanted to make some yummy, healthy inspired treats for my Pilates […]

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Why dietitians need to be on Social Media.

This week I gave a talk on social media to a group of dietitians as part of the South East Branch Meeting of the British Dietetic Association. Rather nerve wracking but they were a lovely crowd and it went down really well   Here is a photo someone took of me and posted on Instagram. […]

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