Why it is not ok to comment on other peoples weight..

As a society we seem to think that it is okay to comment on other people’s weight and/or appearance but in reality, it’s not. Often times we offer our unsolicited comments to others unaware of the lasting effect that these comments might have. Weight is a very personal thing however, it is a common topic of conversation for many. This blog aims to explore some of the reasons why it is not ok to comment on other people’s weight. The overall message I hope to portray is that how someone looks and what they weigh does not define who they are.

What is food insecurity and how to help.

Alongside all the loss that has been felt by this pandemic, it has also highlighted and increased health inequalities, food insecurity being one that is described as “a crisis within a crisis”. Unfortunately, food insecurity / food poverty is nothing new. It has been around in the UK  for a number of years and started […]

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