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Spring Clean Your Body

 It’s officially spring/early summer,  the birds are singing and the sun is shining. A time to spring clean not only your house but also your body. Now is the time to really get motivated and ready for those summer clothes.

Dietitian UK: Spring Clean your Body
Dietitian UK: Spring Clean your Body


Top Tips:

  • Be more active everyday. With lighter evenings and better weather get outside. Build a walk into your lunchbreak or after work, gardening is great for toning and calorie burning, dust off that bike, try out an outside bootcamp or a new class. Try and build activity into your usual routine so you do it straight after work or walk to places and find things you enjoy, as you will be more likely to stick to them!
  •  Blitz your food cupboards. If they are full of unhealthy snacks and treats, give them away and build up a supply of healthier options.
  •  Spring clean your eating plans. It’s easy to get stuck into a rut eating the same meals each week. Take some time to look at new recipes and think about eating seasonally, right now that includes asparagus, cauliflower, new potatoes, radishes, cabbage, spinach and watercress. Add colour to meals with salads made not just of lettuce and tomato but try sweetcorn, grated carrot, raw broccoli, beetroot and sugar snap peas.
  •  Get gardening. Not only is it a great form of exercise but growing your own vegetables and herbs will add taste and enjoyment to your meals. You don’t need a large garden, a few pots will do the trick. 
  •  Plan, prepare and portion up healthy snacks on a quiet day or weekend to set you up for the week. Homemade smoothies, oaty bars, nuts and dried fruit, yoghurts or raw veggies and low fat dips are all great options.
  •  Swap some of those cups of tea and coffee for water, herbal teas or hot water with a slice of lemon to hydrate the body and leave you feeling energised.

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How to Eat to Keep Warm!

It’s that time of year when the weather is getting decidedly more chilly and the light is fading earlier. All of a sudden it’s time to switch from the summery salads to winter stews. The kettle is on more and the biscuit tin beckons. But how do you eat healthily yet still enjoy those winter foods?

Porridge is a great start to the day. Try adding different fruit, a sprinkle of seeds or some chopped nuts for variety. Alternatively try scrambled eggs and grilled tomatoes with toast.

Include something warming and satisfying at lunch, try a vegetable based soup, baked beans on toast or an omelette.

Although tea and coffee can warm you up it should be limited to 4 cups a day. Try hot squash, herbal or fruit tea or even hot water with a slice of lemon instead.

Winter stews and casseroles are delicious. Try using a slow cooker, pop it on in the morning and dinner will be ready by tea time. Include plenty of vegetables and add a couple of handfuls of lentils or beans/pulses to reduce the amount of meat you use. Bean and pulses are low in fat, have a low glycaemic index and contain plenty of fibre, so are a great weight loss aid.

Keep Active. Getting up and moving around more will get the blood pumping around the body and so warm you up. Plan some activity into your day and keep moving whenever you can.