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Nutrition and Health Live 2013, my take home points.

On 1/11/13 I went to Nutrition and Health Live, a fantastic conference with lots of time for networking and  a wide range of talks with high calibre speakers. One of my top talks was on Wheat Allergy/Intolerance and here are my take home points:

 There are 4 main types of wheat issues:

  1. Wheat Allergy
  2. Fermentation Issues (Fodmap)
  3. Non Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS)
  4. Coeliac Disease

An actual wheat allergy (where there is an immunological reaction) is rare with only 0.4% of adults and 0.21% children being diagnosed with one. 

 There are over 100 proteins in wheat, people could be reaction to anyone of them. Wheat also contains gluten, gliadins, amylase inhibitors and is a Fodmap (containing fructans), all of these can cause problems in some people.

 If you have a wheat problem you also need to test/cut out: spelt, triticale (a wheat and rye hybrid), Kamut and Freekah (wheat picked early).

 Dietitian UK: wheat

Non Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity:

Sapone, 2012 added this category to the spectrum of gluten related disorders. In 2013 the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey suggested the incidence to be 0.548%, not very high!

Extra symptoms of gluten sensitivity reported by Volta and De Georga include a foggy mi, eczema, headaches, joint/muscle pain, leg/arm numbness. Showing there can be intestinal and non intestinal symptoms. 

 It is possible that those with NCGS may have latent coeliac disease and be diagnosed with this later on.



There are several reasons why people may suffer with wheat related conditions, IBS being just one of these and there are many things in wheat that people can react to. The important thing is to test it out with an elimination and reintroduction challenge and ensure the diet is well balanced after the removal of wheat.

Review: Nutrition and Health Live 2014, a great place to update and network.

Last week I bravely ventured to the Annual Nutrition and Health Live Conference. I say bravely as I went with my 7 week old baby. Madness some may say but apart from train delays giving us a very long journey home the day went very smoothly. Having a baby often means that getting to study days and conferences is hard, so I was very pleased when I was told it would be fine to take baby with me.

Nutrition & Health Live is the longest running and most comprehensive conference and exhibition focused on public health nutrition, open to all UK nutrition and health professionals.  The event takes place each November, at London Olympia.  The venue itself is good and very easy to get to by train. The event had a good layout with several sessions happening at once. It was evident how popular it was as several session were jam packed and standing room only.

Dietitian UK: The Nutrition and Health Live Conference 2014

I really appreciated the range of topics being discussed over the weekend. From obesity to food intolerance to social media and commissioning, I’m pretty sure there must have been something for every nutrition professional there. Although it is a large event it somehow still feels intimate, open and friendly. I had lots of people chatting to me as I walked around and sat in sessions.

What stood out for me was the chance to meet other dietitians and network. Several people came up to me and introduced themselves as they recognised me from twitter. Likewise I tweeted several people I had chatted to but never met and really enjoyed meeting them. In fact as a result of this some of us are looking at organising a dietitian’s social meet up next year, get in touch if you want to come along.

I also particularly got a lot out of the food intolerance talks, one on wheat intolerance and fodmaps which I will be blogging my take home points on.

All in all I would highly recommend this event as one to put on the list of things to plan into the diary and the bank balance for next year, I will certainly be going so please do come and say hello!