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Holiday Foods: what does it mean to you?

Holidays, what do they mean to you? To me it’s usually about relaxing, enjoying great food, seeing amazing sights and making special memories. My parents live out in Spain, which means we have to go out and visit them from time to time…..all that sun, sea and Sangria…. it’s a hard life πŸ˜‰

This holiday has involved having the joys of a toddler…and I really do mean the joys. Today I loved hearing “Wow, horses” at horse drawn carriages and watching her sheer delight on the beach has been amazing, plus being in a hot place has meant the treat of an ice lolly.

Being pregnant and having a toddler has meant things are slightly different… no going out in the evenings for dinners and drinks, no long lazy lunches as toddler needs a nap, the constant need to find toilets (for me) and carry snacks (for us both) and definitely no Sangria (major BOO).

However, I do have a toddler who is also loves food, trying new places to eat and new experiences. So we have been treated by my parents to some super yummy meals cooked at home and have enjoyed snacking out and about. Being wheat free makes it slightly more complicated but not impossible.

I’ve been having giant amazing strawberries with breakfast, lots of different cheeses, my mum has cooked steak for my hubby (his favourite) and prawn for me (one of my favourites).

What are your favourite holiday foods?

Here are some of our favourite food moments so far:

Dietitian UK: Steak and Salad
Dietitian UK: Steak and Salad

Dietitian UK: Holiday Ice-Cream!
Dietitian UK: Holiday Ice-Cream!


Dietitian UK: Prawns of yumminess.
Dietitian UK: Prawns of yumminess.

Christmas Paella

Christmas Dinner – what does it look like in your home? Turkey with all the trimmings? Not in our home I’m afraid. We’re a bit untraditional in our house when it come to Christmas Day food. In fact I’ve only actually had Turkey on Christmas Day twice in just over 30 years. We’ve had duck, beef, salmon en croute, prawn linguine, Sri-Lankan curry, a Chinese banquet and more. For us it’s a chance to have whatever we really fancy having, buy quality ingredients and make it a special meal.

This year my husband has worked over most of the Christmas period, he was home on Christmas Day but working from home. Due to the nature of his work it could mean you just plate up a meal and then the phone rings….that’s that….cold dinner. So we wanted to keep things simple this year. Having spent Christmas in Spain before my husband requested Paella. His wish = my command!

Having looked through a few recipes I took bits from all of them and as always followed none of them but created my own version. We used saffron plus a special Spainish paella mix (brought over from Spain), chorizo, chicken, prawns and mussels along with the essential rice plus peas, peppers and mushrooms. Easy to cook, keep warm in case of phone calls and lots of left overs for baby dinners and Boxing Day. Here’s a photo of it cooking. It was so tasty that we only managed paella…no dessert, no chocolates, nothing till cheese and wine in the evening πŸ™‚

Penny saving Prawns.

This weekend it was my birthday…. and birthdays mean special meals πŸ™‚ Β This year having a baby meant the idea of getting dressed up and going out past 8pm felt like the last thing we fancied, and the prospect of an early morning after a late night was not so appealing….so instead we opted for a meal in. Take-away is almost a non-existant word in our house, mainly because I’m wheat free, can’t take too much spice at present and am not great with fatty food. I know, I’m a tough cookie to please at times. So we wanted a quick, tasty meal. The decision – king prawn and mussel thai green curry. Easy to prepare with fresh lemongrass, ginger, chilli, coriander and coconut milk, full of tasty veggies alongside the seafood and served with thai style rice and a chilled glass of white wine. Prawn crackers on the side as a treat . I could eat it all over again.

We ended up buying the fresh shell on prawns from the fish counter. These were not only cheaper by far, tastier and we got the added fun of deshelling the prawns πŸ™‚ After dinner we collected up all the prawn shells. They have made a delicious fish stock and then got scoffed by the cats. A true bargain, feeding 2 adults, 2 cats and a tasty stock ready for a fish pie. Yum.

Prawns are a good lean source of protein, they have high levels of vitamin B12 as well as being a good course of Selenium, Omega 3, Vitamin E and Phosphorus. They are also low in fat and saturated fats so a healthy choice.

So I’d encourage you to have a look at your fresh fish counter/fishmonger, not only can it be tastier and fresher but it may be cheaper too.