My best gluten free, wheat free bread recipe!

Finally. HALLELUJAH. I’ve got a recipe to share with you for not just decent, but really nice, tasty, can be eaten without toasting, doesn’t crumble all over the place…. wheat free, gluten free BREAD. I know. Really. 


I’d pretty much given up making bread for myself. I make the family 1-2 loaves a week in our bread maker and it always comes out good (as long as I remember to put the paddle in the bread machine that is!). However over the years I’ve tried so many bread recipes for myself, so many flours and I’ve just ended up plain disappointed. Sometimes I get a half decent loaf, but there is no rhyme or reason to it. I’ve tried numerous flours and mixes, my best recipe up till now is my nut bread – which is a completely different type of bread. 

Then in the Christmas sales I decided to treat myself to a stand mixer. My trusty food processor has pretty much kicked the bucket, so I’ve gone for a change. This beauty is making me smile most mornings when I enter the kitchen. Not only is it bringing beauty to my worktop, I’ve also discovered a secret. Stand mixers make better gluten free bread! 

This bread is good toasted, freshly sliced, doesn’t crumble too much and I found it simple to make. I was pretty sure it wouldn’t rise – it did. This may change my life. So I’m sharing it with you 😉

Dietitian UK: My best gluten free bread recipe

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