The End of an Era, Breastfeeding.

Somehow my little one is now 17 months and amazingly we’ve been breastfeeding all this time. I say “amazingly” as we had a very rocky start to our feeding journey, our feeds used to be an average of 2 hrs and cluster feeds of 4-5 hrs. I have breastfed everywhere – park benches, cafe’s, cars, […]

My breastfeeding journey…

An article out recently about the rats of breastfeeding stirred a discussion amongst a few fellow dietitians and mums. The research states that the numbers of mums starting out breastfeeding have increased from 6/10 in 1990 to over 8/10. Great. But at 6-8 weeks only 45% of mums are still feeding and these numbers aren’t increasing. […]

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