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Food trends 2018 I’d be pleased to see.

January always brings the weird, the wonderful and the wahey of food. I’ve highlighted a few trends that I predict are on the rise for 2018 and ones that I would be happy to see more of. You can check out my 2017 trends post here and see how I did! 

Plant Power

I think we’ve all seen the rise of the vegan diet with veganuary in full swing. Whilst being vegan is perfectly great way to live life and eat I don’t think it is something to take lightly or do for a month. Being a vegan is a lifestyle choice and not a fad. Rant over. I do think that eating more plants and less meat will be high on the 2018 agenda which is fabulous. Foods like tofu, tempeh and quinoa are growing in popularity as are meat free days. Check out Meatfreemonday for great recipes and inspiration.

Sustainable eating

This ties in with eating a plants based diet but goes further. Consumers are becoming more conscious and choosy about where their food comes from. Choosing foods that are not just heathy but are obtained in a way that does not damage the ecosystem or deplete a food source is important and coming higher up the agenda for people.

Fermented foods, probiotics and gut health

The chatter on these has been increasing in 2017 with people starting to think and talk about making them at home. As research on the microbiome grows this is a natural area to grow alongside it. Gut health and how your feed those bacteria is likely to become popular. Personally I love this idea and it’s certainly something I will be getting on board with. Making your own kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, live yoghurt , sourdough are all things you can make yourself.
Less diets more body signals. This could just be the circle I am in or my own hopefulness but could 2018 be the rise of intuitive eating? Listening to the bodies hunger and fullness signals, guilt free eating and take the labels of good and bad away from food. It’s a journey and no quick fix but boy it would be fabulous to see and I think it’s on the way up.

Recycling food

Using up leftovers can seem hard work to some and second nature to others. Chefs are coming on the scene who are pushing this as a trend. Not only will it reduce food waste but also your food bill. A great place to go for inspiration on how to use your leftovers is Love Food Hate Waste.



IBS and the Microbiome

Priya regularly writes for Network Health Digest (NHD Magazine), here is her latest article.  The microbiome is such an up and coming area with so much we are still to research and find out.

Click the link below for the article.

Issue 126 fermented foods IBS and microbiome

Umami, Uvuvu, a review.

Umami is firstly such a fabulous word, it reminds me of that televison programme Shooting Stars – anyone know what I mean? The phrase I’m thinking of was “Uvavu” I digress. Umami is a Japanese word for “savoury taste” and together with saltiness, bitterness, sweetness and sourness it is one of the 5 basic tastes. Think marmite, fermented foods and bone broths and seaweed – that kind of flavour. So you possibly love it or hate it! It comes from glutamates in food, mushrooms, cured meats, fish sauce and soy sauce all contain it. Much like a good stock, it is one of those tastes that adds to a food/meal rather than being something you eat in isolation.

I was sent some Clearspring Umami Paste to try out.


Dietitian UK: Umami Paste


The ginger paste contains soy sauce (wheat containing but only a little so I’m able to tolerate it), cultured rice, water and ginger. Initially I wasn’t too sure what to do with it and life was busy, so it sat eyeing me up on my worktop. Then when the sleep deprivation had leveled out and my creative brain cell had reared it’s head I went to work. I’m already a fan and I’ve not used half the packet. That’s not because I haven’t used it, but because a little does go a long way. With 6.3g of salt per 100g and a  family of young children I also am aware I don’t want to use much of it per meal anyway. 

I’ve been adding this flavour enhancer to stir fries, marinades and casseroles. It really did zing up our stir fry, a little spice from the ginger but mainly a lovely savoury deepness to the sauce. I’ve also found it makes a really quick, easy dressing for salads including my fav go-to noodle salad 



A great staple for the store cupboard that will liven up your cooking.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me free of charge to try out. All views expressed are my own.