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Gluten Free Healthier Chocolate and Beetroot Brownies.

Chocolate Brownies, what’s not to love? I actually can’t eat rich foods, so these babies hit the spot for me on more than one level. They are healthier as I’ve cut down the butter and chocolate, they have lower in sugar, gluten/wheat free and they contain beetroot plus prunes. Today was one of those days […]

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Dietitian UK: Vegetable Fajitas

Va Va Vroom Vegetable Fajitas

This week I haven’t managed to blog much as the toddler has been sick, not sleeping much and in my bed. Sleep deprivation and a need for many mummy cuddles balanced around work has been a real juggle! Today she has definitely been on the mend, which has given me some more time to get […]

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Imam Bayildi (Baked Aubergine Heaven) Gluten and Dairy free.

I love aubergines. Which is an odd thing because as a child I hated them, how tastes and times change. This recipe is a particular favourite of mine, not just because it is fragrantly spiced, softly spreadable and tinglingly tasty….but also because of the style of eating. I am one of those types who likes […]

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Making Fresh Gluten/Wheat Free Pasta

Back in the days when I could eat wheat I loved fresh pasta. It was a quick, easy meal that delighted my taste buds. I even got given a pasta machine by my mother-in-law one Christmas so I could make my own. Typically shortly after that I found out I couldn’t eat wheat. Boo. I’ll […]

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Dietitian UK: It's serious stuff this cake decoration.

C is for Cake, Christmas and Calm.

Christmas this year is going to be a bit different for us. We have friends staying for about 3 weeks, which is lovely, especially as they are more than happy to play toddler games and babysit. For Christmas itself we are deserting our friends and going on a large family holiday to Marrakesh, which means […]

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Dietitian UK: Red Onion Marmalade

Red Onion Marmalade

There are some things in life that just work together. Rice and curry, rhubard and custard, scones and jam and one of my favourites: Cheese and Chutney. Earlier this year I made the most delicious Sri-Lankan Spiced Plum Chutney which has definitely aged beautifully. Today inspired by a pile of red onions I got up […]

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Dietitian UK: Aubergine Bake

Aubergine Bake for an Aubergine Addict.

It’s no secret that I LOVE a good bargain, last week I picked up Aubergines for 10p, yes you read that right. I’d been saving them and ruminating in my mind about what I should do with them and then got inspired by a chef friend. So here is my aubergine bake. Ingredients (serves 4): […]

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Dietitian UK: Mushroom Pasta Sauce

Quick, Simple, Fresh and Tasty Mushroom Pasta Sauce

So what do you do when you look in the fridge and see a large punnet of mushrooms that are about to go past their best? You make this! It’s a quick, easy and tasty dish that you can rustle up with ease and with the knowledge it’s healthy too. Plus it’s Wheat free, Gluten […]

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Dietitian UK: Baked Apple with raisins and custard.

Easy Peasy Baked Apples

Evenings. They can be those times when you just fancy a sweet treat. Perhaps it’s been a tough day, perhaps it’s the fact the kids are in bed and you have time to yourself, perhaps you’ve been working out and need a snack. You know the feeling. This also makes an ideal pudding – great […]

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Dietitian UK: Gluten Free Carrot Cake

Gluten free carrot cake, a healthy version.

I must admit I don’t have that much of a sweet tooth. It’s savoury things that get my tastebuds tingling. However with a glut of carrots eyeing me up from the vegetable rack and a frustrating day, I decided it was time to hit the kitchen and get my “bake on”. Cooking for me is […]

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