Affirmations & Eating Disorder Recovery Quotes

Affirmations and Eating Disorder Recovery Quotes

Affirmations can be an additional tool in your eating disorder toolkit to support in your recovery. Those days when you don’t feel like you can keep going, are the days you need a set of affirmations or positive phrases to pull out of your back pocket and read out loud. It’s a great idea to make you own personal list of affirmations and eating disorder recovery quotes. By saying these specifically out loud it can help you change your mindset and continue to choose recovery.

What are Affirmations and how do they work?

Affirmations are simple statements that speak out the positive and the truth, using these can help to reroute our thought processes. If someone if always telling you the bad things, you tend to believe them, so by speaking out the positive it can help to lay down next thought pathways. This is due to something called neuroplasticity. Essentially, this means our brain can rewire itself to function in a new way. When it comes to eating disorder recovery, this rewiring can be utilised to change thought processes.

Think about walking along the same pathway everyday, it becomes second nature doesn’t it, you find a set route. If you have to take a new pathway you have never walked down before there is a lot more effort, you may need a map, to be more aware of where you are walking and it takes time to get used to the path. This is like our thoughts, it takes time and effort to lay down new pathways in the brain but it can be done.

Affirmations and Eating Disorder Recovery Quotes

How do I start writing Affirmations?

Using the present tense when using affirmations can help your brain to believe that these statements are true. Try using these in your daily life, saying them every day for a month. You could have them on post it notes around the house, have them on your phone, stick them in your car, make a set of cards to read through morning and evening.

Work on building up the affirmations that you need to hear most to support your recovery and progress. Think about phrases others have said to you that have been helpful, think about the issues you struggle most with and what phrases help you there. You can find quotes about eating disorders recovery, but writing your own could be useful too.

Example Affirmations to use in recovery

  • I trust myself and my body
  • My eating disorder does not define me
  • I am worthy of recovery
  • I deserve freedom from my eating disorder
  • My body deserves kindness
  • I am not perfect, and that is okay
  • I am worthy of love and acceptance
  • Food is not the enemy
  • My body wants to keep me safe and alive
  • I am proud of my progress
  • All progress is progress, no matter how small
  • My weight is not my worth
  • I deserve happiness
  • I am enough

How to use my Affirmations and Eating Disorder Recovery Quotes

Now you have written your affirmations it is important to use them daily, at least to start with. Place them in key places you will see them everyday and make it a habit to read them out to yourself. Here are some ideas of where to place then and how to use them:

  • – Saving to your phone as a wallpaper.
  • – Sticking to the mirror you look in each day.
  • – Repeating to yourself twice a day -tie in to an activity like cleaning your teeth so you don’t forget, pop them by your toothbrush.
  • – Create a card deck of affirmations and drawing one when you need it, keep them next to your bed.
  • – Make a set to have near the dinner table to use as you eat.
  • – Share them with your supporters so they can repeat them to you as well.
  • – Repeat affirmations to yourself when feeling negative and happy as you want to keep on reinforcing those thoughts.

I’d love to connect with you and hear your very own affirmations. Remember you can book in a session with me for eating disorder support.

Thanks to Eleanor Coales for her help with this blog.

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