Are Eggs Safe?

Eggs have always been quite a controversial topic in the nutrition world. I appeared on BBC One’s Food Truth or Scare recently to bust this myth. You can catch the full episode on BBC Iplayer, Series 5, Episode 2. I’d make an egg pun about it being egg-cellent but that would just be awful!

Eggs are totally safe to eat, in fact I’d encourage their consumption. Yes they contain cholesterol but that does not mean they increase your levels of LDL cholesterol (that is the one we don’t want too much of). The liver will buffer the cholesterol levels, so if you eat more it will make less. I love how clever the body is. Instead of being concerned about the cholesterol in foods, it is saturated fat you want to be watching as too much of this can increase your cholesterol levels. If you fry your eggs in butter and eat with bacon then you will be increased the saturated fat content compared to a poached egg! Once again it is the whole diet that is key and getting that balance right.

Eggs are nutritious and delicious! They provide 6 g of high quality protein per egg, rich in some B vitamins (B2, B12), vitamin D, selenium, iodine. A source of iron, lutein and zeathanin (eye health), vitamin A, folate, biotin and choline (brain health and cell membranes). Some eggs also provide omega 3’s dependant on what the chickens have been fed on how they have been kept.

So keep on eating those eggs and see my more detailed post here.

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