Fabulous Fibre?

Post written by Naomi Leppitt, Community Dietitian.

“The popular bread brand, Hovis, has come out with a new bread advertised to be high in fibre. 

6g of fibre per 100g of food is deemed as a high fibre food. Fibre is good for improving your bowel health, helps control blood sugars, helps control weight and reduces risk of health implications.

This new bread clocks in at 9g of fibre per 100g, and 3.9g per slice.

How does that compare to other breadbin favourites? 

  • White = 1-1.5g (40g)
  • Granary = 1.2g (33g) 
  • 50:50 = 1.9g (47g)
  • Wholemeal = 2.7g (50g)
  • Seeded = 2.5-2.7g (47g)
  • Wholemeal granary 3.2g (47g)
  • Hovis fabulous fibre, 3.9g (43g)

So the bread earns its name! 

But how else could you reach your recommended 30g a day?

  •  Fruit 1-5g
  • 🥕 Veg (0.5-3g)
  •  Nuts 1-4g
  • Beans 3-7.5g
  •  Rice + Pasta 0.5-6g
  • 🥣 Cereal 1-7.5g
  •  Grains eg couscous/quinoa/millet) – 1.5-4.5g

Example day

Breakfast: Cereal (shredded wheat) (4.5g) with milk of your choice + 7 strawberries (1.1g)

Lunch: Beans (1/2 can, 7.4g)  on toast x 2 (6g)

Afternoon snack: Apple (3g)

Dinner: Wholewheat spaghetti (6g) + Bolognese sauce with added mushrooms (0.6g) and chopped tomato sauce (1.8g)   =30.4g

Some tips for increasing your daily fibre intake:

  • – Eat your 5 a day
  • – Switch from white starchy carbohydrate to wholegrains; or wholemeal/wholewheat/ seeded
  • – Add beans or legumes to your meals eg lentils or beans to casseroles, chillis, stews
  • – Choose a higher fibre cereal like branflakes or allbran or weetabix




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