Food is More than Nutrition.

Whilst food can be seen as medicine/necessary for life/fuel it is so much more than that. With certain disease states and in the refeeding stages of anorexia it may be useful to see food in this way but I think that places limits on our enjoyment of food and the foods we eat.

Our bodies are designed to eat food. Food is packaged in a unique and complex way with the nutrients we need interacting with other nutrients in the food. It’s not an easy job to replicate that and why do we need to? Individual supplements, tracking nutrients and being overlly focused on the small elements of nutrition can be confusing and just isn’t needed. Instead send your focus to eating foods you love, a balanced intake and variety. Colours, textures, tastes. Think about a range of proteins, carbohydrates and plant foods across the week.

The act of even thinking about food starts our digestive process. Chewing, swallowing and pausing after a meal, making time to eat, it’s all key. How your meal looks, the table set up and enviroment is also important. If you cannot change your meals right now can you make changes to the mealtime or how you eat? Try sitting at a table with a plate you like, your favoured cutlery and something beautiful to look at.

IV drips, meal replacement shakes or just not eating are not long term solutions. Some of these have their place when used under medical advice for a specific condition but they are not things to use on your own, or long term.

Food is so much more than nutrition. Think about memorable meals, holidays, travelling and trying different foods, celebrations, eating out with friends.

👉🏼It brings pleasure. 
👉🏼It helps create memories. 
👉🏼It is part of our socialisation.
👉🏼It is part of our culture.

You have permission to enjoy food, now and everyday. No food is off limits. It’s all about the mindset and listening to your body.

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