I don’t want cereal for breakfast Mummy.

My almost 4 year old has been telling me eating cereal in the morning hurts her tummy. Ideally I like my kids to have cereal as the ones on offer in our house are wholegrain, full of fibre and provide a range of vitamins and minerals. The research shows us that cereals are a great breakfast choice. However I also know it’s not worth forcing this type of issues with an almost 4 year old. So we are experimenting with different breakfasts. It may just be she is bored with cereal, or her tummy may be hurting for many reasons as like me she does sense things through her tummy it seems! Either way we have embraced this as a good opportunity to try out some different breakfast ideas.

Face pancake

Top favourites have been:
Crumpets with marmite and apple wedges plus a milky hot chocolate.

Pancakes with grapes and raisins and yoghurt on the side to dip in.

Toast with peanut butter, sliced banana and a glass of warm milk.

As you can see I always encourage my kids have fruit and a portion of dairy with their breakfast.

After a few weeks of different breakfasts Miss K has now gone back to porridge. It seems that tummy issue wasn’t cereal related after all 😉  Often if there is a food issue you are a bit concerned about ignoring it and working with your child will make it far easier for them to come round to your way of seeing things!

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