Is office cake as harmful as passive smoking?

Todays headline in the UK news: “Bringing cake into the office as harmful as passive smoking”. It has been suggested that there should be a ban on office cake for the sake of people’s health.

Now I agree that being in an environment where you are surrounded by cakes and sweet foods can make you eat more of them. I totally disagree with the idea of these foods being banned. For many people, the moment a food is seen as off limits, the more it is craved. Which can then lead to going overboard at a later time. Cake is definitely a food that can be enjoyed within the context of a well balanced diet. That doesn’t necessarily mean you eat a large slice each day, but it does mean you can join in with the social aspect at some point in the week.

I shared this reel on instagram and had some wonderful comments talking about how baking for colleagues brings pleasure. For example, how a slice of cake in the week at work can be a real highlight. Or how it can be a moment that you talk to colleagues about non work things.

Cake is definitely something we can all enjoy, with some common sense nutrition applied:

  • Why not set a cake date with your office crew. Decide which day and then all enjoy it together. Try rating the cake in terms of taste for a fun way of eating a little more mindfully.
  • Take some fruit to go with the cake, then everyone can add some balance to their snack and have a smaller slice.
  • Place the cakes away from the working environment, maybe in the kitchen or a shared space so they aren’t in your eyeline.

Remember that food is more than just nutrition, it is pleasure, community, socialisation, fun. If you are eating a well balanced diet the rest of the time there is no reason you cannot enjoy that slice of cake.

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