Pilates: the best workout you can do.

Ok so I must declare I am completely biased as I am not only a Pilates fanatic and a Pilates teacher but I am also a Pilates studio owner. As a dietitian I know that only focusing on eating a healthy diet will only give me half the results that I want. In order to keep my body in tip top condition I need to get active too. Pilates ticks most of the activity boxes for me as includes whole body toning, abdominal strengthening and it addresses postural issues. It isn’t fast paced and full of cardio but there are some cardio elements to it, you can certainly work up a light sweat and I combine it with other cardio activities. 

Dietitian UK: Pilates, the best form of exercise?

Top 5  Reasons to do Pilates:

1. It will help your posture – stand taller, help with rounded shoulders, curved spines and it will show you how to correct yourself in day to day activities.

2. That bad back will definitely thank you. By improving your core strength you will support your lower back and help your whole body move in a more functional manner.

3. Pilates uses body weight exercises so you get some resistance training thrown in too – think press ups, side planks and tricep dips. 

4. It will improve any other exercise you do. When you realise what you need to correct in your posture it carries over to other parts of life. A stronger core will help in other exercise too.

5. It can be done anywhere and doesn’t need lots of fancy equipment.

If you fancy giving Pilates a go then check out my DVD.

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