Priya stars on BBC1’s Food Truth or Scare.

So if you weren’t watching BBC1 on Thurs 25th Feb at 9.15am then where were you? 

Oh yes, probably at work or out living life šŸ˜‰

Well you missed watching me talking about red meat with Chris Bavin on the TV…. but don’t worry because if you are in the UK you can watch it back for the next 28 days or so. So get on over to BBC iplayer and check it out.

Dietitian UK : Food truth or scare 2


Dietitian UK: Food truth or scare 1

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2 thoughts on “Priya stars on BBC1’s Food Truth or Scare.”

  1. I think you preformed really well and the message you passed to us was very interesting and assuring that red meat is good for us, of course as everything in moderation. I just don’t understand why did the presenter introduce you as a nutritionist, not a dietitian?

    1. Thanks so much Patricia. I think sometimes the media just prefer the title nutritionist, I’m not really sure why but it happens a lot. I think dietitians can conjure up an image for some people of nutrition types in white coats who only work in a hospital. They knew I was a dietitian as they specifically wanted a dietitian for the show.

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