Priya writes for NHD magazine on teenage eating disorders

Eating disorders is a field I work in a lot. It’s one of my specialisms. So when Network Health Digest magazine asked me to write an article for them on teenage eating disorders it seemed like a good fit. The funny thing is with such a huge topic the issue was what angle to take. 

Priya Tew, Teenage Eating Disorders Article

I work with teenagers with eating disorders on an outpatient basis via Skype, through private clinics and on an inpatient basis at Marchwood Priory Hospital. It’s challenging, at times emotional, you need thick skin but heaps of empathy, a huge sense of humour and the ability to think on your feet. The ability to hold boundaries well and celebrate small successes are paramount. Why do I do it? I love it. It poses a challenge for me, it makes me think, it makes me problem solve, I have to think outside the box and be creative. Life is never boring in this field.

If you fancy a read then here is a pdf of the article:

Eating Disorders working with adolescents

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