Slow cooker Stuffed Peppers, yes really!

I’ve decided to try out some new slow cooker recipes, so this week I’m going a bit experimental with our dinners. I’m expecting a few meals which aren’t that great and hoping for a few which will be little gems that we discover. I get a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest, so I hopped over to take a look for new recipes and saw a few slow cooker stuffed pepper recipes. My initial thought was “Really? You can do those in a slow cooker” and my next thought “Mmmm I love stuffed peppers”. I adapted the recipe and it worked really, well. Added bonus was it used up the leftover rice from our meal 2 nights ago. 

Miss K was excited when she saw the pepper, she then took a bite and told me “Mummy I don’t like it”. Immediate heart sink moment for me. I always try not to react too much to these comments so responded with “Oh ok, well there isn’t anything else so you may have a hungry tummy, maybe try a few mouthfuls”. A few moments later I had a baby and 3 year old wolfing down their dinner and was told at the end “That was so yummy”. A 180 degree turnaround… I’ll take that.

Dietitian UK: Baby eats Stuffed Pepper in the Slow Cooker

This recipe is one you can so easily adapt to suit whatever you have in the fridge and storecupboard. Go on, experiment and share your pictures with me 🙂  Here is mine…

Dietitian UK: Stuffed Pepper in the Slow Cooker

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