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Adagio Tea Review

My love of tea is well known, especially loose leaf tea. For me loose leaf tea provides a far superior  flavour and it the whole brewing process is something that I love. If you haven’t tried loose leaf tea then you really must. For me it is like comparing instant to fresh coffee.

Having been pregnant or breastfeeding for a large part of the past 5 years and now pregnant again I’ve had to reduce my loose leaf tea consumption and turn to decaffeinated tea. Yes herbal and fruit teas are nice, but nothing quite hits the spot as well as an Earl Grey or Orange Pekoe. So I was overjoyed when Adagio Tea’s sent me some of their loose leaf decaff tea to try. 

The decaff Earl grey was the tea that I was most excited about, fortunately I was not disappointed. It makes a lovely light, fragrant tea that is perfect in the mornings for me with my porridge. Finally a nice decaff loose leaf tea that I can drink without feeling bad about baby.

Dietitian UK: Adagio Tea Review 2

The blood orange tea literally filled my kitchen with the scent of Spain. Really lovely to have a loose leaf herbal tea with whole chunks of fruit. Like pot pourri in a tea! 

Dietitian UK: Adagio Tea Review 1

My biggest like was the IngenuiTEA. This is a genius product! I love my teapot but am not so keen on the cleaning out. I love the fact I can carry this to the table, take my tea to the table and pour it without a tea strainer. As soon as you place it on top of the mug the tea magically drips through. My children have loved watching. It is easy to clean and goes in the dishwasher. Perfect for busy mums like myself.

Dietitian UK: Adagio Tea Review 3


These teas were sent to me free to review. No money was paid for this post. All views are 100% my own. Read my disclaimer here.


Phom Tea Review.

I LOVE tea. Literally my favourite drink… well champagne ranks pretty high up the list too but I can’t drink that everyday 😉

For me a good cup of tea has to be loose leaf. I’ve got pickier as I’ve grown up and although I do use tea bags for speed and ease, it just doesn’t taste the same to me. My morning treat is always a large mug of loose leaf tea.

So when Phom Tea’s decided to send me some samples of their loose lead teas to try out I was a very happy bunny.

I love their mission statement: “We are on a mission to get the world drinking loose leaf tea. One cup at a time.” ABSOLUTELY.

I was sent:
Calmly Camomile
Naturally Rooibos
Simple Decaf Breakfast
Gently Jasmine
Innocently Peppermint
Purely Green
Plus some loose leaf teabags.

The tea that exited me the most was the decaff breakfast. As someone who has been pregnancy or breastfeeding for most of the past 5 years I’ve switched to drinking a lot of decaff tea, but just hadn’t found a good loose leaf version. HALLELUJAH! Now I have. This tea is slightly floral, think earl grey/lady grey and makes a really good brew.

Dietitian UK: Loose leaf Tea

I found the Jasmine was a perfect mid afternoon pick me up and the camomile great in the evenings after a hectic day. Made with actual camomile flowers it gives a non-greasy, delicate cuppa.

Dietitian UK: Loose leaf Camomile Tea

My other top pick would be the Rooibos, I had forgotten how much I like this type of tea. Caffeine free, packed with antioxidants and refreshing, for me this is a great choice when settling down to a spot of work. 

Dietitian UK: Loose leaf Rooibos Tea

I found these teas to be great quality, top taste and the “make your own teabags” that came with them made it super easy to brew a cuppa anytime with ease (though I still prefer my lovely teapot).

If you haven’t tried loose leaf tea for a while then do. It’s an altogether better tea experience.

This review post expresses my own personal views, I received the tea samples for free but was not paid any money for writing this. Please read my disclaimer for more.

10 tips for healthy living when sleep deprived.

Babies always lead to sleep deprivation. Actually in our house right now children full stop lead to no sleep, well not enough anyway! If it’s not the baby who is up in the night it is the toddler. I’m convinced mine somehow have a rota set up saying who will be up when on which night!

Dietitian UK: Sleep Deprivation: Tips on healthy living

You know those days when you wake up in a daze, put your cereal in your mug instead of your bowl, make a cold cup of tea and then put your dirty mug in the fridge? Or is that just me?! Sleep deprivation affects us all in different ways, I guess the big answer to it is to make sure you get enough sleep but that isn’t always possible with young children. I napped when I only had baby 1, but with 1 baby, 1 toddler and working too, naps are  complete mystery to me. I find when I’m sleep deprived I snap more easily, I have less patience, my words get muddled up, I feel hungrier in the mornings, I don’t fancy cooking dinner and lose my creative cooking gene and I crave carbohydrates and sugar.

To get around some of these effects here are my top tips:

1. Always have a hearty breakfast. I have porridge in the winter with sultanas, seeds and fruit, or I make overnight oats or I make my own muesli which is often just grabbing my usual porridge combo and topping with yoghurt. Oats are low in glycaemic index to give you slow release energy and keep you full up, they are also packed with wholegrain goodness.

2. Keep the freezer well stocked with good dinners. Then those days you don’t have the energy to cook you won’t reach for the takeaway menu. I’m wheat intolerant and too much fat and preservatives also upset me, so takeaways upset me, my freezer is so often my superhero.

3. Make up a supply of healthy snacks that have some sweetness to them, we always have something in our tin – I like flapjacks with dried fruit. If I don’t have snacks made up I end up raiding the cupboards 😉

4. Do an online shop. It means you won’t end up buying foods you really shouldn’t buy and you can get it all delivered. I have memories of doing a large shop when so very tired with a small child melting down in the trolley. It’s really not that fun.

5. Treat yourself to something yummy, but healthy for lunch. For me that may be a tub of prawns, some hummous or some sushi.

6. Go out for a walk or find a way to fit some exercise into your day. Myself and the toddler often go to the park, the fresh air really helps us both.

7. Fit even a 10 minute lie down into your day. I set the toddler up with an activity at the point the baby needs a nap or if I’m really clever I get the toddler having her half hour afternoon reading time whilst the baby is napping.

8. Schedule in some “me” time. I’m ridiculously bad at this one as I’m always on the go. However I know a bath with the door firmly closed, a read of a book or quiet time on my own always leads to a better me.

9. Have a cup of tea. I have a slight tea obsession but limit myself to 2 cup of caffeinated and 2 cups of decaff a day. I literally love my loose leaf tea and have a large cup in the morning. Top tip: Check you have boiled the kettle before you make a cuppa or you will be very disappointed. Better still ask someone else to make you a cuppa in bed.

10. Stay hydrated. Tea is a wonderful thing, but water is even better and dehydration will make you feel worse. So keep a water bottle to hand and have a large drink of water with your meals.

 I’d love to hear your tips – how do you cope?