The Water Diet

Just when you think diet trends cannot get any crazier something like this comes along.

Some unqualified (in nutrition) instagram influencers are suggesting we should not be drinking water, due to the toxins and chemicals in it and to give your kidneys a rest. Yes, you read that correctly. They are suggesting you drink “living water” that will hydrate you on cellular level, which makes little sense to me as isn’t that what water does? Instead of water it is suggested you drink coconut water, birch water, fresh juice and eat high water foods (fruit and veggies). It is also suggested you could dry fast for prolonged periods having no food or water.

In my opinion as a dietitian, we need to drink! Our bodies are around 60% water and thirst is a sign of it needed water. The water diet is dangerous and frankly ridiculous diet that could easily lead to dehydration and exacerbate an eating disorder. Signs of dehydration include your urine being a darker colour, headaches, constipation and fatigue. Some reasons the body needs water:

  • for our cells and tissues to be hydrated,
  • to help us digest food,
  • to flush out body waste, and aid bowel movements
  • to help maintain blood pressure,
  • for body temperature control,
  • to aid concentration, memory and brain performance
  • to cushion the joints

Our tap water in the UK is highly regulated and safe to drink. Bottled water is not as regulated. So choosing tap water is the better option and use a metal water bottle or a glass where possible to reduce the microplastics. You can filter your water or leave it to stand to reduce the chlorine taste or add some fruit to it, just please do keep drinking water.

Here is a little clip on water from the Honest Supermarket this was truly fascinating to film:

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