Top Freezer Meals

 I literally love my freezer. There are days when I just know I won’t have the time to cook or am going to be far too tired to be able to string a coherent sentence together never mind think through how to make dinner. On these occasions I delve into my freezer stock. I almost always have at least 10 main meals in there, ready to go. A lot of which I can defrost in the microwave if it’s really got to that last minute panic. Take away food, ready meals and pre-packaged foods really don’t agree with my mindset or digestive system, having a homecooked meal is so much better.

With baby 2 now here and life busy, busy I’ve been stocking up more than usual, here are my top freezer meals, but please add your top ones to the comments below…. 

Fish Cakes. Make these in bulk, place them on a baking tray to freeze, then bag them up and cook them from frozen.

Lentil Bolognaise. This is a staple in our house as it’s great for using up any types of veggies, the bonus is it also freezes well and is super nutritious.

Lasagne. One of my favourite meals but takes a lot of preparation, so I’ve got a couple made up in the freezer. It will take a while to defrost but will be so worth it when I need a yummy meal.

Courgette and Bean Curry.

Chilli. Everyone has their own variation on a theme, but it’s such a handy freezer meal. Whenever we cook it we make double and freeze half.

Bolognaise Mixture. This can be use for spaghetti bolognaise, to stuff veggies, to fill jacket potatoes or put dollops in tacos. I’ve even been known to have some between bread for a sandwich for breakfast. Yes I know I’m odd.

Fish Pie. I make mine by poaching the fish in milk with bayleaf and peppercorn. After removing the fish I thicken the sauce with a little flour and add mushrooms and sweetcorn. Then layer in all in a dish and topped with mash. Perfect to throw in the oven after defrosting overnight.

Slow Cooked Chicken Casserole. Chicken Thighs work best or drumsticks. I leave the bone in but remove the skin. Add a pile of veggies (carrots, parsnips, squash, peppers all work well), chopped tomatoes, a little stock, red wine, mixed herbs and tomato puree and there is the basis of a great casserole. Just tweak it by adding in some extras like balsamic vinegar, star anise or fennel for flavouring.

Chicken Curry. Hubby is a huge curry fan and I’m half Sri-Lankan, so it must be said I can knock up a decent curry.

Rattatouille. Aubergines are on my top list of veggies. As we grow lots of courgettes in the garden each summer this is a must have recipe for us.

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