Turning 4.

Miss K turned 4 this week. I absolutely love birthdays and wanted her to have a party that suited her. This is a girl who likes smaller rather than larger, likes to be in a space she is familiar with, has a creative spirit and sparkles! For her actual birthday she celebrated with sushi, an afternoon at home with her new toys and cake.


So seeing as we are fortunate enough to have a studio space in our home we decided to make use of it and threw a small ballet party for Miss K and just 4 friends.



Sometime simple is just best. A bit of ballet from our amazing teacher friend, party games and food. We played pass the parcel, musical bumps, musical statues, musical chairs (with pilates blocks instead of chairs) and Simon Says. We ate sandwiches, rolls, raw veggies with hummus, strawberries and grapes, mini cheese’s, crisps, marshmallow wafer biscuits and cupcakes 🙂


Miss K you amaze me constantly, make me laugh, you sing all day with me, dance with me and cook with me. Have a fun time being 4.


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