Who is Priya?

Priya is a dietitian, mum of 3 and Pilates teacher with a wealth of experience. She has worked in the NHS, in private practice, with the media, writing articles, with food brands and businesses.  Qualified in 2005 she had an unusual start to her career as she couldn’t get a NHS job. As often happens this turned out to be the push into freelance work she needed. She also runs a thriving pilates studio in Southampton and has her own range of Pilates DVDs. 

So what  is she passionate about?

Breaking down the science into realistic, everyday tips, recipes and knowledge bombs that you can take away and use straight away.

Getting the right nutrition information out there. There is so much rubbish on the internet and it can be so hard to know what to believe. We need the experts giving the correct evidence.

Cooking healthy, balanced meals. Being a mum of 3 means she totally understand the trials and tribulations family life entails. Being able to throw together some simple ingredients to make a meal that is tasty and nutritious is so important. Priya cooks as much as she can from scratch, but it has to fast and easy to do.

Getting the children cooking too and teaching them about how to eat, how to listen to their bodies and how fun it is to be active too.

Teaching people to eat intuitively. Tuning back into hunger, fullness and what to eat, when. It isn’t a quick journey but it is well worth it.

Working on a 1-1 basis with those who are struggling with an eating disorder, chronic fatigue or IBS. Priya also offers advice on pregnancy nutrition, weaning and feeding your family.

If you need any help as an individual do see my consultations page or drop me an email: [email protected] or if you are a food brand/PR/Media team see some of my other work here and do also get in touch and I’d be delighted to help.


4 thoughts on “Who is Priya?”

  1. Avtar Singh Najran

    Hello Priya I hope this message reaches you well I’ve recently been diagnosed with hypertension chronic kidney disease and prediabetes I’ve been put on a tablet by the name of amlodipine I’ve been taking it now since beginning of February I also want to need a much more stricter diet I have been doing for the last 2 months a very strict diet in regards to just vegetables mostly a little bit of fruit everyday no more than a handful and I occasionally eat chicken and fish however I have a feeling that I’ve got far more underlying gastro issues that need to be addressed I would like very much to have a comprehensive diet that suits my health complications however I’m finding it difficult find a dietitian in my area of Liverpool not to mention the fact that my doctors are not yet willing to refer me to a dietician to help my diet as I said I don’t eat any chocolate bars anymore any cakes sweets or generally no processed foods either it’s just vegetables chicken very rarely fruit oats little bit bran and Shredded Wheat

    1. Hi Avtar, I would recommend you find a dietitian to help you balance your diet so you get all the nutrition you need and also help with the gastro issues. If you email [email protected] I can let you know how to book a session with me.

  2. Priya do you have a recipe book. I loved the sweet treat that you had the boys from Eat Well for Less make last Thursday. Cannot find it on website. Any chance I could get it. 2.8.18.

    Thank you

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