Woman’s Hour and Lockdown Cooking

This week I had the pleasure of being asked to speak on the iconic Woman’s Hour as part of a programme with Mary Berry, talking about cooking in lockdown. Some of the items we talk about include food shopping as a single mum, the food parcels being sent out, how to make the most of your food at home, eating elder and nettles, what ingredients you may struggle to get right now and food substitutions you could make.

You can listen to the episode here.

One of my top tips included was on snacking. Right now stress and anxiety can be making you want to eat differently, this could be eating less or eating more sweet foods. It it totally ok to be allowing yourself to eat some of those sweet foods right now, we all need to take some pleasure in the small things and that may come via food. If you are worried you are snacking too much then try:

  • Having structure to your meals and snacks.
  • Place your snack on a plate, then go out of the kitchen and take time to sit and enjoy it.
  • Balance your snack, if you know an apple is not going to cut it then have your apple with that piece of cake and some nuts. Adding protein to a snack can help keep you satisfied for longer.

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