Banana yoghurt muffins, perfect for healthy snacking

Bananas and Baking, one of my favourite combinations. We often have a couple of bananas hanging around earmarked for mummy to bake with as no-one like over-ripe bananas in our house. This weekend I decided to move away from our beloved flapjacks and try out some muffins. I’d seen a recipe somewhere that used yoghurt […]

Courgette Pizza Base – gluten free and healthy.

We all love pizza, but there are healthy and covered in pepperoni, dripping in cheese, not so healthy pizza’s. As part of this month Recipe Redux challenge (Healthy Pizza) I decided to experiment using courgette in my pizza base. You may remember the cauliflower pizza base craze? Well here is another variation. Why courgette I […]

Healthy Cranberry and Orange Flapjack for a Flapjack-a-holic.

Christmas has come and gone but I’ve still got cranberries to use up. I’ll be honest, I’m a flapjack-a-holic, so even after making the cranberry muffins I had to play around and make up some flapjacks too. Life with out flapjack is not worth thinking about. However my flapjack has to be a healthier version, […]

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