Festive Drinks

It’s so exciting when the festive drinks hit the coffee shops and menus. I love a spiced hot chocolate or a mulled wine. I’m still not sophisticated enough to like coffee 😝 ☕️ If you enjoy swapping your daily coffee for a seasonal version then this may surprise you. Some research by @actiononsaltandsugar looked at the amount of sugar and calories in high street cafe drinks.

👉🏼758 kcals and 23 tsp sugar in a Caramel hot choc
👉🏼523 kcals and 14 tsp sugar in a gingerbread latte
👉🏼160kcals and 7 tsp sugar in a skimmed milk option

This post is NOT to say not to enjoy your fav festive beverage but is about being aware. Eyes wide open! Choose the one you like if it’s a one off enjoyment, look at swapping the milk, reducing the syrup if it’s more of a regular thing.

Drinking them daily is not going to be a good plan, but that’s not to say they can’t be enjoyed sensibly. It’s all about awareness and choice. Plus working with these manufacturers to help them reduce the sugars in their products. Shout out to other great nutritionists who work in the food industry in this way, we need you! I’m super grateful we have this work being done.

What’s your favourite festive drink?

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