Loose Leaf Camomile Tea, for bums and tums.

I must admit when I saw this months Recipe Redux theme “Beverages are Hot” my mind initially drew a blank. Maybe it was the sleep deprivation that comes from having a young baby that stifled my imagination.  I knew I had a few smoothies ideasI could have used but they didn’t seem creative enough. It was only when I was making myself a drink that I realised what it was I wanted to base my healthy drink on. Camomile Tea.

For my baby shower my lovely creative friend Emma gave me a jar of dried camomile flowers which I added to in the summer by drying the camomile flowers and buds I grew in the garden. I really like camomile tea, not just for its taste and the fact it is caffeine free but also for it’s other uses. I use camomile tea as an afternoon drink and also for cleaning up the baby’s nappy rash. It works wonders. I use teething granules when the baby is teething and these contain camomile. They seem to calm and settle him.

Dietitian UK: Making A Cup of Camomile Tea

I only use 1 tsp of camomile flowers at a time and either brew these up in a large pot which makes me a couple of mugs of tea or I put it in a tea strainer that sits in my mug for a few seconds.

Dietitian UK: Dried Camomile Tea Flowers

It produces a much nicer version of camomile tea than the bags, which you’d expect with it being a nicer initial product.

Dietitian UK: Loose Leaf Camomile Tea

So this summer how about growing your own camomile to dry and use for tea?
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