Suppose….a gluten free list.

I’ve recently been introduced to Suppose.com, a website that lets you track the price of online products. If you are like me and are constantly looking for a bargain or spend time comparing the prices of your food shop on different sites, then this take the job for you.

I’ve created my own gluten free list on the website, full of products that I like and that I sometimes buy.  I can then track the prices and be alerted by Suppose.com when the prices drop. Quite a nifty little site, especially for specialist diets where the foods are often pricey. I tend to buy foods when they are reduced and stock up!

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 14.42.10

You can track items from any website using their handy button, I found it really easy to use.  This could be a great site to use for Christmas shopping as you cna take a browse through products that have dropped in price and snap them up quick!

Disclaimer: I was sent asked to review this website in exhange for a product. All views are my own and no money exchanged hands.

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