Cheesy Courgette Biscuits Vlog – great toddler snack.

Recently the husband and the toddler have been have a bit of a “snack-off”. She asks for “pink biscuits”, “sweeties” and snacks that generally she knows are not for everyday eating and Daddy finds it hard to negotiate. She is a highly skilled negotiator (may get that skill from me), watch out for her later […]

Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Low Fodmap Tortillas/Wraps Recipe.

New toys…. getting a new breadmaker has sent me I’ll admit, a bit breadmaker-tastic. I made wheat free pizza base, normal pizza base, gluten free bread, normal bread and these tortilla wraps all in one weekend.  Having chatted about Mexican food and sampled some Nacho’s  recenltly I had a desire to make fajitas…. which turned […]

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