Managing Christmas with an eating disorder.

Even though Christmas is just one day of the year, managing the whole ‘festive season’ can be very difficult.  Chocolate advent calendars, candy canes, mince pies, roasted chestnuts, figgy pudding, turkey roast…’tis the season for feasting.  But for someone with an eating disorder this can be very daunting.  Turn on the television and you’re greeted by an advert for sumptuous Christmas fare; go to the supermarket and you’re bombarded by brightly-packaged goodies; brave a party and you’re confronted by a towering pile of buffet food; go to a family gathering and you’re offered food, food and more food.

What is food insecurity and how to help.

Alongside all the loss that has been felt by this pandemic, it has also highlighted and increased health inequalities, food insecurity being one that is described as “a crisis within a crisis”. Unfortunately, food insecurity / food poverty is nothing new. It has been around in the UK  for a number of years and started […]

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