Could cold rice fix obesity?

This week I was quoted on the BBC News Website in an article about a new way of cooking and eating rice to shave off the calories. The researchers found that adding 1 tsp coconut oil to the rice as it boils and then cooling it for 12 hours reduced the calories by 60%. The […]

Myths about Dietitians.

Over the years I’ve had many reactions to telling people that I’m a dietitian. Usually I get asked lots of questions about foods such as “Are bananas good for you” and “Uh Oh I’m eating chocolate” to “How good is …… (insert the latest “superfood” here)” along with “I’m on the ……. diet”. I find […]

Breakfast Hangout Summary

Last night I was one of the speakers in a Google Hangout out on Breakfasts, sponsored by Nestle Cereals UK. These are always a great way to get updated on research and pick up tips. Here is a summary of the bits I found interesting… Britain has the worst BF habits in Europe with >11 […]

Hangout with us for Breakfast but in the evening!

I’m delighted to be taking part in a Google Hangout with 2 other nutritionists  Juliette Kellow and Brigid McKevith. We will be talking all things breakfast. Join us on Tuesday 5th August at 7pm at for an online event focused on breakfast and breakfast swaps.   Date/Time:                         Tuesday 5th August at 7pm Topic:                                    Breakfast […]

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